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EUROPE, I’M GONNA MISS YOU – My favorite hidden gems in Europe

In exactly 7 weeks, I’ll be getting on a plane to Africa. Counting down the days?! Who? Me?!? I have no return ticket, no idea about when I’m coming back to Europe and no plan whatsoever. I figured it was best this way, ’cause the whole time I thought I needed a plan, it was driving me nuts. The plan changed more often than my head could follow, so I threw it out the window. Now everybody else thinks I’m nuts… And me, I’ve never felt better in my whole life. 

The biggest adventure of my life awaits, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t gonna miss ‘home’ at least a little bit. So today it’s time for a little tribute. Not to those super touristy spots that everybody knows already – sure most of them totally deserve the attention, but they get more than enough credit already. Nope, I want to show you the lesser-known spots, the ones you might have never even heard of before, but that will probably amaze you even more. 

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