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THE BEST THINGS TO DO IN ANDALUSIA, SPAIN – Take a seat, ’cause I got 50 of them coming your way!

I remember driving down the winding mountain road from Torre del Mar to Granada in our Fiat Panda. It was 1988 and the highway hadn’t been constructed yet. I was 6 years old and on my first trip outside of Belgium and its neighboring countries. The car was so tiny that even at that age my sister and I barely fit in the back seat. But we laughed our buts off.

Life was simple. We added -os to every Dutch word and BAM, we spoke Spanish. We were fearless, and everything was possible. Sorry mom and dad, for that time I ‘just went for a stroll’ on that overcrowded beach and you had to look for me for fuck knows how long, thinking I’d drowned or something 😉


Now, 23, OK nobody’s gonna believe that anyway 29 years later, things have turned out to be a little bit more complicated, but driving down that same mountain road, after a year of burnouts, breakups, leaving my job, selling my house and about 7 million ups and downs (**), something hits me. I realize I have NO memory of my visit to the majestic Alhambra on that same day in 1988. But I remember the good times in the car with my family, and realize simple things are all I need.

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